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    1. Feeding Options for Dogs with Arthritis
    The Federal Government (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) does not mandate that ingredients used in pet food be inspected. A handful of states do impose that requirement on manufacturers but they are the minority. So where does that leave you?
    2. Tips For Traveling With Rover
    Whether it be on a vacation to your favorite resort, or just visiting the in-laws for the weekend, many people are choosing to take their dogs with them when traveling.
    3. Real Food Treats Improve Your Pet's Health
    We love to give our dogs treats, and they love to get them. The healthiest treats we can give our dogs and cats are made from real, fresh food. Since we like to give them variety and tasty tidbits as well, we'll review briefly each category of treat.

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Commercial Pet Foods with Glucosamine in them

By J. R. Rogers

By now, most of you have seen or even used some of these products. The question is this. Are they really giving your pet any benefits?

Three issues these manufacturers overlooked

First of all Glucosamine (alone) is not going to give your pet any benefit in terms of cartilage protection. The clinical evidence is conclusive on this issue. Whether used by a human or a family pet, the benefit comes from Glucosamine and Chondroitin together.

The second issue is that on a (per dose) basis (I.e. a serving of food) your pet is likely not getting very much Glucosamine. Read the labels and confirm this for yourself. Syn-flex® for Pets and Syn-flex® for Pets (beef flavor) have either 1,250 milligrams of Glucosamine (and) Chondroitin Sulfate which is found in the Shark Cartilage.

So, we get down to the last issue. If you were really getting any benefit from using pet foods containing Glucosamine you would have to use larger quantities. That means a load of calories for your family pet. And, what is a very big issue for pets suffering from arthritis and joint pain? Excessive weight.

Why do these manufacturers add Glucosamine?

The manufacturers know that there is a ton of clinical evidence that supports using Glucosamine. So, in order to get your attention (and, more money for that particular product) they add Glucosamine.

This is actually a fourth issue. The cost of these products is higher than the regular brands that are offered.

In any event, do not be fooled into thinking that these commercial pet food brands containing Glucosamine are going to do much more than take money out of your product. Having said that, it is nice to know that the manufacturers acknowledge that Glucosamine does an incredible job for pet arthritis.

In my opinion, save your money and stay with products like Syn-flex®. It is low-cost, highly effective and it keeps your arthritic pets happy.

See you next time.

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