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Table of Contents:

  1. Featured Articles from The Arthritis & Glucosamine Resource Center
  2. Building on Isometrics
  3. Eight Day Arthritis Ecourse
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Featured Articles from The Arthritis & Glucosamine Resource Center

  1. Osteoarthritis: Explained Simply
  2. Glucosamine and Osteoarthritis
  3. A Guide to Glucosamine Products
  4. Eight Tips to Control Arthritic Pain
  5. What You Need to Know Before Buying A Glucosamine Product
  6. Arthritis in Dogs and Cats
  7. Arthritis Message Board Community
  8. Liquid Glucosamine Formula Syn-flex®

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Building on Isometrics

By J.R. Rogers

Continuing a Winning (and Simple) Exercise Program
We have discussed the importance of continuing an exercise program that will assist in beating the debilitating effects of osteoarthritis. Staying with this simple plan will make a big difference in your life if you are following all of the other tips we have provided.

Building on the Isometric Program
Like everyone, I like to maximize the effects of my exercise program. For those that suffer from OA, these easy isometric exercises are going to: 1) eliminate waste that has accumulated inside inactive muscles; 2) improve your flexibility and mobility; 3) provide greater support for damaged and rehabilitating cartilage; 4) reduce pain; and, 5) improve your overall attitude.

Stretching for Success
Anyone who follows any kind of a regular exercise program recognizes the importance of "stretching" muscle groups. For those of you who want a more modified and less aggressive exercise program, these same stretching regimens can make a world of difference. They provide easy less time consuming benefits and particularly so for those who are either unable to get involved in more rigorous exercise programs.

Your Head, Neck, Shoulders and Back
The head, neck, shoulders and back are a problem for all of us. For most, these are areas of the body that are overworked and largely neglected in terms of keeping them fit. It does not take long for these simple stretching exercises to change that picture quickly. These are performed from a sitting or standing position. (If sitting, I recommend a simple wooden chair.)

1) The Base of Your Neck and Shoulders
Place your hands behind your neck and clasp firmly. Once in this position, sit up straight and pull your chest upward. (A solid inhale of the stomach area should help here too.) Now, place your chin in a "tucked" position downward near your collarbone area. Next, gently turn your head to the right and hold that position for about 10 seconds. Repeat that to the left side. (Make certain you do not hold your breath while your head in bent downward.)

Build this up to the point where you can do about 15 repititions on each side. This is a wonderful way to get muscles that are ignored far too much, back into a healthy state. As with all exercises of this kind, do them slowly and gently.

2) The Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back
This sounds a little complicated but once you become accustomed to doing it, it is both simple and highly effective.

Place one arm behind your lower back reaching across from the side opposite from the arm you are using. Now, take the hand of your other arm and place it on the back of your head (the crown).

Next, take a deep breath and while exhaling turn your head slightly while at the same time pulling your head and neck down with that hand. (You should be pulling down toward the lower part of your arm.) This is done while applying a little pressure with your hand while exhaling.

When you have reached down as far as is comfortable with your head, gently rotate your head back away from your arm about 30- 40 degrees. (Your head should be moving away from your lower arm and toward the front. If you are not clear on this, simply think of your eyes as being toward the side of your arm. Then they are moved so that you can see the floor in front of you.)

Don't try to overdo these exercises at first. You are almost certainly going to feel some soreness from doing these until you are used to them. As well, you should aim for five (5) repetitions initially slowly building up to 10-15.

Again, I can't overemphasize the importance of getting yourself motivated to take these simple steps. For those who suffer from arthritis, it is even more important to getting a handle on your rehabilitation efforts. When it is all said and done, it is a small amount of effort that pays big rewards.

See you next time.

Have Questions? Email me
I hope these tips have helped. Do not give up on the fight against your arthritis. I know pain can be extremely difficult, exhausting, and depressing. Please email me if you have any questions. I can be reached at jr@www.arthritis-glucosamine.net. I will do my best to answer all questions within two weekdays.

Arthritis Message Boards

We invite you to participate in our Arthritis Message Board Community. You can learn about arthritis, ask questions, get feedback, make friends, and build a support network of fellow arthritis sufferers. Visit the Arthritis Message Boards today!

8 Tips to Control Arthritic Pain

These past months in The Arthritis Chronicle, I've talked about my Eight Day Arthritis Ecourse that I had written. I had originally intended to give this informational course away free for only one issue, but due to the tremendous response and good word of mouth this course has brought, I have decided to give it away at no charge.

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If you are committed to taking the right steps towards effectively easing arthritis pain and knowing all your options, then this course will be extremely helpful to you.

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