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Acai versus Pomegranate: For arthritis…..which one?


If you suffer from arthritis (osteoarthritis) it is a fair bet that you are using a product like liquid glucosamine formula Syn-flex®. It has a long track record of success with those who suffer from arthritis and if you are not using it, you should be. It helps with joint mobility and it eases the pain from arthritis quickly.

But, there are some other aspects to manage arthritis effectively. Namely, keeping weight under control and getting some exercise. It helps a lot. So, let’s take a look at what Acai or Pomegranate can do for you.

Acai has earned a reputation for giving you a great deal of energy. That is a big plus for anyone who suffers from arthritis and knows they need exercise. But, from a clinical standpoint, we have to also look at Pomegranate.

Pomegranate has a longer history of clinical studies. And, there has been at least one authoritative study достопримечательности Ижевска that found Pomegranate assisted in the rehabilitation of damaged cartilage. (To review that study please go to the Pomegranate Clinical Studies at  Of course, you cannot ignore those findings even though this is a small clinical finding in the overall picture.

Acai burst onto the health scene later than Pomegranate but there is no doubt that it has some very big health potential. And, although there is no clinical evidence similar to that found in the Pomegranate study noted above, you can bet that eventually science will get around to doing some studies on Acai and arthritis.

For now, it is very big news that Acai provides a lot of energy to its users. So, for those who suffer from arthritis is has an “automatic plus” going for it right away. More energy means more exercise if you are so inclined and that helps with arthritis problems.

Frankly, the best “clinical evidence” of the power of a “superfruit” like Acai or Pomegranate is to use the products. That has some limited application of course. If Acai is giving you more energy you are going to notice it. What you cannot “feel” is any potential long-term health impact from using Acai. And of course, that follows for Pomegranate as well.

What I am saying is that any person who is using Acai and Pomegranate (or, one of the two superfruits) should feel better overall. It comes with the territory when you are “eating well” and avoiding the wrong foods. Beyond that, you have to look at the clinical trials to really understand the potential health benefits.

If you are looking strictly at the antioxidant power of Acai versus Pomegranate, Acai wins “hands down.” But, Pomegranate runs a close second in the antioxidant department. So, using both of these great ‘superfruits’ in one juice seems to be a good bet.

From an energy-building standpoint it is Acai all the way. It is a secret that surfers learned when visiting Brazil. Not only did they find some great waves, they discovered the enormous ‘energy boost’ offered by Acai. So, what is the right “superfruit”  for you?

My recommendation would be to use a product that contains both Acai and Pomegranate. Viva! Acai™ is a good choice. You get the double dose of antioxidant power and the energizing aspects of Acai at a great price.

The clinical evidence that supports the healthy qualities of consuming Acai and Pomegranate will grow. Medical science has a deep interest in these amazing “superfruits” and of course, they are seeking the evidence to support their preliminary conclusions.

To learn more about the clinical findings to date, please visit and click on the Clinical Studies section. The initial scientific findings are very interesting to say the least.