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    8 Tips for Arthritis Pain
    Suffering in pain from arthritis? These informative arthritis tips are a MUST read. Do you really suffer from osteoarthritis? That question needs an answer before you embark on a course of treating it. All too often when you have joint pain, a doctor will be quick to say, "Well Jean, you know you aren't getting any younger and those joints are starting to degenerate." This is a mistake. The aging process is not what causes osteoarthritis.

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The latest news and information on glucosamine and arthritis. Read below for information you need to help you in your fight against arthritis.
    Stunning News for Users of Aleve
    08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
    From the newswires across America another stunning announcement coming on the heels of studies implicating prescription pain medications as bearing cardiac risks. Vioxx was removed from the market and of course, concerns have arisen regarding the use of Celebrex and Bextra. Now, a clinical study has demonstrated that Aleve is also putting consumers at risk of cardiac complications. Thatís not all.

    Twelve Ingredients That Will Ease Your Arthritis Pain
    08/12/10  J. R. Rogers
    From glucosamine to chondroitin to bromelain to boswellin, a listing of twelve compounds that (in one high-quality formula) will significantly reduce your osteoarthritis pain, improve joint health, assist in rehabilitation of cartilage, and slow the progression of your disease.

    What Exactly is Glucosamine?
    08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
    Although this natural remedy still inspires controversy, there is increasing evidence that glucosamine does, in fact, relieve joint pain and inflammation for many arthritis sufferers, and that it may slow progression of the disease.