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Does your Arthritis Pain Change with the Seasons?


Do those cold rainy days seem to make your arthritis pain intensify? It is definitely strange how many people claim that the weather seems to aggravate their arthritis symptoms. In a recent study by the John Hopkins health alert report that took place in Argentina (which has a warm climate), 151 people were involved to see if the weather really did impact their arthritis pain. These people had different types of arthritis, including Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. All participants were told to keep a journal containing their pain level (if any) each day, for a yearís time. The participantís daily reports were compared with that days weather conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. Patients from all three groups experienced more pain on days where the temperature had dropped. In addition, the Rheumatoid sufferers were impacted by high pressure and high humidity, where the Osteoarthritis sufferers were also slightly affected by high humidity days.† However, the results from this study alone are still not enough to allow pain to predict the weather.

Whether or not you believe that the weather can worsen or lessen your arthritic pain, it is in every arthritis suffers best interest to find some sort of solution to help ease the pain. Many who do believe that the weather makes a difference have gone as far as packing up and moving on to warmer weather. There are other recommended solutions, one supplement that has been proven in numerous studies to help ease the pain that arthritis inflicts is liquid Glucosamine. Liquid Glucosamine, when combined with other beneficial ingredients, can be crucial in joint and cartilage protection and growth. To learn more about what liquid Glucosamine can do for you and how to determine which Glucosamine product will be best for you, click here

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