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Osteoarthritis of the Hip Explained


The hip joint is the largest of the ball-and-socket joints in the body.† It is prone to Osteoarthritis, a disease characterized by the deterioration of cartilage.† It can develop through hereditary traits, as well as risk factors, such as obesity, previous injury, age, and overuse of that joint.† Like other weight bearing joints of the body (knees, spine, and even the hands), the hip is susceptible to the wear, tear, and stress that characterize the most common form of arthritis.†

The hip joint is held together by the muscles of the groin, buttocks, and spine; as well as†† tendons and ligaments.† The thighbone (femur) fits snuggly into the cup shaped socket in the pelvis (acetabulum).† The largest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve, passes directly through this area and into the leg.† Due to the connection of all of these components, it is likely to feel discomfort in not only the hip, but the knee, the groin, pelvis, and thigh when experiencing osteoarthritis of the hip.

The first signals of trouble in the hip may consist of stiffness in the groin, buttocks, or thigh when you first get up from a period of rest.† Osteoarthritis of the hip will usually affect you in the morning and improve throughout the day.† If pain shoots down the leg, the sciatic nerve is most likely involved.† You may also feel, or hear, a popping sound in the hip joint.† If you experience any symptoms of arthritis, you should consult with your doctor.† An early diagnosis enables you to try alternative forms of management, such as a liquid Glucosamine supplement, low impact exercises, weight management, and diet.† Surgery is always a last resort.

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