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Acai and Exercise to Beat Arthritis


We all know by now that exercise will help arthritis sufferers. And, it is a major part of winning the battle against this tough disease.

The issue is not really how much you exercise. Instead, it is “finding the time to do it.”

Energy Levels

High-quality liquid Glucosamine like Syn-flex® gives every arthritis sufferer a better shot at being more comfortable with their arthritis pain. And, it has a long history of success. But there is also no doubt that the average person with arthritis often complains about fatigue. There is an answer.

Acai for Arthritis

Acai Berry is in that class of superfruits that has a history of providing you with a lot of energy.  This is a big plus for those with arthritis. Not only does Acai provide more energy, it offers up a wide range of other potential health benefits.

If you can get just enough exercise to keep your body weight at normal levels you are way ahead in the arthritis situation. And, using Acai gives you the extra boost you need to do exactly that.

The makers of Syn-flex® also make a product called Viva Acai™. Not only is it a great Acai product, it also contains Pomegranate and b12. Now that is a winning combination for an arthritis sufferer who is looking to gain some ground.

To find out more about Viva Acai™, just go to or to

Once you have tried this great product, you will see what I mean.

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