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Cats: The arthritis question mark?


Cats are a special animal when it comes to arthritis. Some of them can “disguise” their pain and often will. It is a mystery as to why they would. It seems they prefer to work on their own pain issues until they get out of control.

Spotting it

If you have a cat it pays to keep an eye on them. I say that from the standpoint of looking for any signs of arthritis and not in general. Usually, you can spot a slight “limp” or will see them “favoring” a joint if arthritis has become an issue. You can usually get on top of these issues by giving them a high-quality liquid Glucosamine formula like Syn-flex®. This gets things working in their favor early on.

Soft tissue

Sometimes, cats will have a soft tissue injury and not a joint structure injury. These are usually brought about by injuries of some kind. A couple of examples would be “tears” in the cruciate or collateral ligaments in the knees.

Again, using a product like Syn-flex® can assist but not repair that kind of an injury. After all, it is designed to work for joint problems. However, it has anti-inflammatory qualities so even these soft-tissue injuries can benefit.

And, the good news is that rest is usually all it takes for this kind of an injury to heal itself.

Anyway, to optimize the joint health of your cat keep your eyes open and take action.


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