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Ease Arthritis Pain

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If you are one of the thousands of arthritis sufferers looking for a way to ease your arthritis pain, there may be a way to discover relief naturally. There are many natural ways to help ease your pain. By natural, I mean no NSAIDís (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). Exercise is extremely important. Being only 10 pounds overweight can increase the force on the knees by 30-60 lbs, with each step. Ten pounds may not seem like much, but it can certainly play a large role in whether or not you develop OA (Osteoarthritis) sooner or later on in life. Maintaining a healthy weight can also decrease the risk factor for developing other weight related diseases. So, talk with your doctor about some daily exercises that you can benefit from.

One powerful weapon is knowledge. Itís very important to know your limits with arthritis, so get informed! The internet is a great place to start, try visiting to learn some very helpful tips.
Make sure you watch what you eat; certain foods are known to aggravate arthritis symptoms. The biggest culprits are sugar, caffeine, citrus, salt, red meat, and soft drinks. So be sure to limit your intake of these specific foods/beverages.

Some people have even found relief with acupuncture; this technique seemed to work for many people with OA, but not everyone experiences relief. Water therapy, tai chi and yoga are also helpful tools.

Liquid Glucosamine is an extremely popular all-natural remedy. The best thing about liquid Glucosamine is that it is an easy supplement to take. The recommended dose is 1200mg to 1500mg daily, which is about ľ oz.† High quality liquid Glucosamine formulas will also contain chondroitin, but donít be fooled by some companies marketing strategies. There are liquid Glucosamine companies that will put large amounts of Glucosamine and chondroitin in their products as a way to make it seem like they carry the best. When in reality your body only needs about 1200mg-1500mg of Glucosamine on a daily basis. To maintain healthy joints the ideal amount of chondroitin is around 25mg.† Recent studies have shown that in the digestive process, very little chondroitin is absorbed.†† This is due to its large molecular makeup. So putting an exaggerated amount of Glucosamine and/or chondroitin in a product, simply adds to the products cost. To find out more about liquid Glucosamineís benefits go to

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