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Glucosamine Facts


Let’s start off with the most frequently asked question, “What is Glucosamine”? “Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is naturally produced by the body. Though it is common in the liver and kidneys, it is most often found in cartilage. Glucosamine is derived from glucose molecules and is believed to aid in repairing damaged cartilage, building new cartilage, cushioning joints, relieving pain, and reducing inflammation.”  It is also a proven fact that the body’s natural production of Glucosamine may slow as we age. So, you can see why many people with various forms of arthritis are giving Glucosamine a try.

You may be asking yourself, “What form of Glucosamine is better, pill or liquid”? Well, based on various scientific/medical studies, most pills and capsules contain various binders and fillers that can make it more difficult for the pills or capsules desirable active ingredients to be absorbed by your body. In some pills, as little as 10-20% of the active ingredients are absorbed by the body. Whereas, Glucosamine in liquid form is absorbed much more effectively (80-90% absorption). In addition, liquid forms of nutritional supplements are absorbed much more quickly by the body than are those in solid forms and, thereby, go to work more quickly.
There is no "cure" for arthritis.   What we do know based on clinical studies is that Glucosamine can halt the progression of arthritis, reverse some of the damage already caused, diminish inflammation and ease the pain. The continued use of Glucosamine should assist with these issues and enable you to maintain good joint health.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from liquid Glucosamine, click here

When your arthritis pain relief, joint pain, and health are at stake, you need to know how to choose between competing products and see through the marketing hype.

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