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Glucosamine and Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an auto-immune disease, in which the body attacks its own central nervous system.  The battle destroys Myelin, which is the insulation that surrounds nerve cells.  It gives the nerve cells the capability of sending electrical signals to and from the brain to other parts of the body.  Myelin is often referred to as “white matter”.  The onset of Multiple Sclerosis is usually seen in young adults and occurs more often in females than males.  The fact that this disease affects the central nervous system, regrettably, creates an extremely large range of symptoms.  Some of the symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis are blurred or double vision, muscle weakness and loss of movement, speech problems, twitching, memory problems, bladder and/or bowel incontinence, seizures, trouble swallowing, difficulty breathing, etc.  Unfortunately, there is no cure at this time for MS, but many studies are in progress and numerous organizations are working every day to develop a cure for this life-altering illness.

Some studies have suggested that Glucosamine, an over the counter product used by many Arthritis sufferers can help with joint pain and may be helpful to MS patients.  A study done at Jefferson Medical College has found that Glucosamine has improved the test animals’ movements and walking capabilities.  It also showed a decrease in the severity of the disease.  The scientists are hopeful that Glucosamine will work well in human subjects.  They are hopeful that the anti-inflammatory abilities of Glucosamine will prove to delay MS symptoms and progression.  At this time, most treatments for MS symptoms are given intravenously (injection).  If Glucosamine proves to be effective in human studies, that would allow MS sufferers to easily take an oral treatment (by mouth).  In another study at UC Irvine Center for Immunology, studies in mice found that a compound similar to Glucosamine slowed the growth of abnormal T-cells. Abnormal T-cells allow the immune system to attack certain bodily tissues, such as Myelin, resulting in MS.  These scientists are continuing their studies and are encouraged by the results they have seen in mice.  Before this treatment will be available to the many MS sufferers, human studies will need to be completed.  Also, Glucosamine will need to be tested in combination with the other commonly prescribed medications for MS, to avoid drug interactions if prescribed to be taken together.

Glucosamine is a natural product, derived from glucose.  It is found in various supplemental forms, such as pills, capsules, and liquid.  Studies show that liquid formula Glucosamine appears to be more readily available to your body (bioavailability).  Trusted brands, such as Synflex America®, use only the finest ingredients to safely aid humans and animals in the relief of painful Osteoarthritis symptoms.  It has been found to help repair damaged cartilage with no adverse side effects.  It would be wonderful to find that a product, so readily available, could help not only Arthritis patients, but also those dealing with the everyday struggles of MS.  You should always talk to your doctor before taking any new supplement.  If you suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, you may want to ask your doctor, if Glucosamine would be beneficial to your personal situation.

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