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Is Your Beloved Pet Not As Active As Before?
08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
Approximately 25-30% of family pets suffer from osteoarthritis. The stiffness, pain and swelling in a pet with arthritis is really no different than what you as a human being would experience.

Arthritis in Pets
08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
Osteoarthritis is a chronic, slowly progressing condition that is caused by the breakdown and destruction of your pet's cartilage. As that occurs, the bony structures begin to rub against one another causing pain and discomfort.

Disk Disease and Your Pet
08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
As most of you know, disk disease affects a great many of us. In fact, it is common to find evidence of this in most aging adults. However, it can also be a very real issue for your pets as well.

Using Glucosamine to Ease Arthritis Pain in Pets
08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
Information on how glucosamine actually works for easing arthritis pain in cats, the science backing glucosamine, and how to select the best glucosamine formula for dogs...

Hip Dysplasia: Is Your Pet Suffering?
08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
Canine hip dysplasia (CHD) is a genetic, painful, crippling disease that causes a dog's hip to weaken, deteriorate, and become arthritic. It is a congenital condition and is the leading cause of lameness occurring in the rear legs of dogs. CHD is common in dogs, particularly in certain large and giant breeds, although smaller dogs and cats can suffer from the condition as well.

Pets and Catastrophic Storms
08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
Most of the time, I am writing about pets that have arthritis. This time, I would like to talk about pets and major storms. I am doing this because it happens that I live in Punta Gorda, Florida which was Ground Zero for Hurricane Charlie.

Natural Arthritis Relief for Pets
08/12/10  Administrator
No one likes to see an animal suffer. But watching a beloved dog struggle to get up from her bed, or a cherished cat hobble around the house, is truly heartbreaking. Yet, just as in humans, osteoarthritis is an equal opportunity disease, striking young and old, healthy and infirm alike. In fact, for many purebred animals, osteoarthritis is virtually a given, due to breeding practices that result in congenital joint problems, like hip dysplasia.

Pet Obesity & Arthritis
08/12/10  Administrator
We have discussed the importance of weight control for pets who suffer from arthritis. There is no question about it. It is a major issue and we have to understand not only the importance of keeping pets "trim" but how to do it.

Cardiovascular Benefits Using Glucosamine for Pets
08/12/10  Administrator
By now, you should all realize that using liquid glucosamine, exercise and diet all play a role in assisting your pet with their arthritis. However, there is another aspect to using the right product that many of you likely have never considered: namely, it can have cardiovascular benefits.

Maximizing Your Pet's Joint Health
08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
Anyone who reads these columns knows by now that I am a big fan of dealing with pet arthritis using liquid glucosamine. Without a doubt, it has changed the way that individuals and veterinarians are viewing safe and effective ways to help arthritic pets.

Nutrition and Arthritic Pets
08/12/10  JR Rogers
We have talked about the importance of both diet and exercise when dealing with a pet that has arthritis. I think that diet is such an important issue that it is one we should discuss in greater detail. It is becoming common knowledge that as humans, our bodies perform better when we "eat right." It is equally important for pets to follow healthy food guidelines as well.

Real Food Treats Improve Your Pet's Health
We love to give our dogs treats, and they love to get them. The healthiest treats we can give our dogs and cats are made from real, fresh food. Since we like to give them variety and tasty tidbits as well, we'll review briefly each category of treat.

More Issues with Food and Family Pets
08/12/10  JR Rogers
Recently, I went back to discussing food issues in some detail. It is important to understand that we do have ways of helping out pets not only with their diets, but with preventing things from happening long term.

The Myth of 100% Complete Processed Pet Foods
08/12/10  Randy Wysong DVM
Every day, people by the millions pour food from a package into their petís bowl. Day in and day out, meal after meal, pets get the same fare. This strange phenomenon is not only widely practiced, but done by loving owners who believe they are doing the right thing.

Storm Season and your Pet
08/12/10  JR Rogers
Having lived through a massive hurricane last year that took a large part of my house, I am a little sensitive to this issue. Since we are in hurricane season and it doesn't end until November

Using Anti-Inflammatory Products for Arthritic Pets
08/12/10  JR Rogers
I want to share some information I was recently reading about. It dealt with a pet owner who had turned to her vet for some help with her dog who had arthritis.

Spotting Pain in your Pet
08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
Sometimes we take things for granted. We think we can spot pain when our pets experience it. With pets suffering from arthritis, it may or may not be easy to see.

A Cautionary Note to Pet Owners
08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
As our regular readers know, I offer up a lot of advice on dealing with arthritis in pets. This is a large part of my life.