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2004 - The Year of Growth and New Directions
06/17/04  J. R. Rogers
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A perspective from J. R. Rogers, President and Founder

The growth of Activex America, Inc. has been nothing short of phenomenal. Of course, we continue to break new sales records with Syn-flex® and are looking forward to meeting the demands of that continued growth. It goes without saying that the quality of Syn-flex® and its enormous popularity is incredibly rewarding.

This year I have asked my staff to focus on our ever-expanding customer base with new marketing directions that include company structure; media and print advertising; and systems that will simplify your purchases both wholesale and retail. Of course, we will be taking some new directions on the internet as well.

While Syn-flex® and Syn-flex Power Plus will remain the mainstay of our line, we have also been involved in some research and development to bring you some very exciting new products. We hope to have these products available in the fourth quarter of this year or very early in the Spring of 2005.

It is enormously gratifying to have gained the support of so many wonderful customers and our focus will continue to be on superior service and informational services. Of course, the fight against the debilitating effects of arthritis in both humans and pets will continue to be our commitment and will be for many years to come.

On behalf of my staff and myself, I can only extend our "thanks" for your continued support.

J.R. Rogers is the founder and President of Activex America, Inc. makers of Liquid Glucosamine Formula Syn-flex®

This year (2005), we will be changing the company name to Synflex America, Inc. This is consistent with out objective of furthering the Syn-flex® brand name.