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An Update from Tim Burke
01/27/05  Tim Burke
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I am spending the day packing up and getting ready to head back over to Europe for six weeks. I can't wait to get back on the road and back racing, it feels like I have been home for too long. After spending many winters constantly traveling, I begin to get restless if I am in one place for very long.

My time at home has been great and I feel that I am healthy and ready to tackle the second half of the competition season. I am also looking forward to getting away from the arctic conditions that we have been experiencing in the NorthEast. I can't tell you how many times I have woken up to negative 20 degree temperatures in the past three weeks. As you can imagine this does not make for the best skiing conditions. The sunny Alps sound quite inviting right now!

My first stop is in Northern Italy where I will have a week to train and adjust to high altitude as well as celebrate my 23rd birthday! After that we head South to Torino Italy (the sight of next years winter Olympics) here we will have three World Cup races at the Olympic venue. From Torino we move on to Slovakia for another week of racing on the World Cup. This should be an interesting part of the trip, I have never been here before and am looking forward to seeing a new place and experiencing a new culture. After Slovakia we have a two week training camp in Italy before heading to Austria for World Championships. I am really excited for these races, I have set up my yearly training a little different this year in order to try and be at my peak for these races. It looks good in theory but only time will tell how well it has worked.

After World Champs I will return home on the 15th of March and finish out the season competing in races throughout the US. From there I will be taking my highly anticipated two week break from training and racing, who knows, I may even make it to Florida for a visit!

I hope all is well in Florida and I will do my best to stay in touch on the road. I also have a new digital camera so I hope to be able to send some pictures from the races.

Take care.
My Best,