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Cure Your Arthritis - My Amazing Mom
Last review: 08/12/10  Susan Graham
My Amazing Mother – “The Arthritis Lady”

From the age of 11 to age 53 my mother avoided holding hands; they were painful to the touch, so puffed up, sore and hot!!!

Raising four children she, of course, had to hold our hands. She tried so hard not to let us know how painful it was but, we knew she was in constant pain.

I always felt bad for my Mom and Dad because holding hands was something they missed. It was hard for her to knit or crochet, which she loved to do.

Walking, bending or standing for any period of time was so painful for her. We learned as small children, my brothers and I, to do what ever we could to help around the house.

She went to over thirteen “Arthritis” specialists, which were of little or no help.

She was prescribed many different drugs and went through all kinds of treatments for her arthritis.

She was in so much pain that she tried anything and everything to find relief.

She was so desperate to find something that would stop her pain that she:
·Went to over 13 physicians, (“Arthritis Specialists”)
·She took Codeine, Darvon, Sprays and "Gold Treatments"
·She was placed in traction with a large weight to stretch her body, was tied to the bed and couldn't move for a week!
·She was put in an upper body cast for 3 months
·She wore shoe lifts
·And so much more!!!

In 1980, the last year she suffered from Arthritis, my Mom spent an average of $40.00 month on miscellaneous drugs, $30.00 for a monthly doctor appointment and $30.00 on pain killers. That’s a total of $100.00 a month. I wish she could have spent that money on something she liked to do instead.

All the drugs, all the doctors, all the treatments, all the money... ALL the FAILURES!!!

Doctor after doctor told her that there was no cure for arthritis and that she should, “Take this medication, go home and learn to live with it”. One doctor predicted that she would be in a wheel chair within 5 years.

We were crushed… My Mom, being the eternal optimist, never gave up… She went on a crusade to find a way to stop her arthritis. And she did!!!

She spent many years researching arthritis, and put together this incredible program, “I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too”, that shows you in easy to follow steps how you can do what she did at home, and without drugs.

I know this may sound too good to be true. But she did it... My Mom has gone through what you are going through right now. She has now been living Pain Free from Arthritis for 25 years.

My Mom, Margie Garrison, is known on the World Wide Web (and elsewhere) as “The Arthritis Lady” and is now doing something she “likes” to do. She spends most of her time answering thousands of emails and phone calls from people who suffer with arthritis. She answers questions and helps solve problems.

And I am not the only one singing her praises; here are just a few things other people have said…

“My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and she tried what you wrote in your book and she has been almost totally pain free for a month so far. Thanks for publishing your book.
Roy - Goose Creek, S.C
“I have purchased your book and it is a miracle from God. I really believe in it. It has opened my eyes toward the right foods we should eat to keep our bodies healthy and free from diseases.
Evangeline – Culloden, GA
“Thank the Lord and you. Your book is my companion in my quest for health.
I can’t praise it enough. You are a pioneer in the practice of prevention in Medicine.
Mary B - Santa Cruz, CA
My friend raved to me about how your book helped him. He had taken so much Cortisone until his doctor balked at giving it to him. My friend said he spends many painful, sleepless nights, and that his life was pure misery. Now, some five months later, he has no pain, and sleeps very well. He has lost some 40 pounds and feels 20 years younger.
Lewis - Oklahoma City, Ok
“My friend is over 80 years old. She was unable to do hand work and almost unable to walk. Now she is able to do both.
Mrs. A. Jenkins - Morango, CA
To whom it may concern,

Margie Garrison’s “I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too: is a note worthy milestone in the field of alternative treatment modalities.

I agree with Margie that with proper nutrition, exercise and a positive mental attitude, not only is it possible to “cure” arthritis but also prevent it.

Her book is simply and clearly written with a number of helpful illustrations.

I have used it in my practice and highly recommend it. The pathway to health is up to each individual. By following Margie’s techniques, you can be “Free” of arthritis.

Learie N. Yuille, MD
Metro Holistic Health Center
Southfield, Mi 48075
If you are searching for relief from your arthritis pain, try this program. My Mom is living proof that you don’t have to take medication, go home and learn to live with arthritis.

If you would like to know more about my Mom and her program go to:

Susan Graham

About the Author
Margie Garrison was diagnosed with acute arthritis by her doctors. Determined not to accept living with arthritis as her fate, she began to look for options. She found out how to cure her arthritis through much research, modification of diet and much more. Garrison has made it her mission to help others suffering with the disease and has written a book to share with others called, "I Cure My Arthritis, You Can Too."