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Working toward the National Championships
03/17/05  Tim Burke
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I just arrived back home to Lake Placid yesterday. It feels great to be home with my family after a long trip!

My trip was great. I am really happy with most of my results although I was not quite as strong at World Champs as I would have liked. I definitely had my best races at the world cup before World Championships. I was a little afraid that this was going to happen as I was feeling great skiing about two weeks before World Champs. In skiing you can usually hold peak form for about two weeks and after that its a downward slope where you have to build your training hours back up. After feeling so good in the races prior to World Champs I was a little nervous that I would hit the downward slope before they started because we had a two week break. Sure enough, I felt incredible at our training camp before World Champs and could feel myself slowing down a bit the week before. Oh well, I still skid pretty well there and I definitely learned a lot about timing my peak. I am confident now that I will not make that same mistake again and hope to be right on for the Olympics next winter!

I am really happy with the improvements that I have made over the past year. I have cut my average time back in half as compared with last season. That is very encouraging to me, showing me that all of the hard training is really paying off. I hope to continue these improvements and be a serious medal contender soon.

As for now I am home for two weeks training before heading out West for our National Championships. I am excited about these races and really hope to win a national title, it would be a great way to end the season.

The skiing at home is the best that it has been all winter! We have a ton of snow and the sun is even shining which can be quite rare around here. After being on the road for so long it's great to be home sleeping in my own bed and eating normal food!

My Best,