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Update from Tim Burke
04/04/05  Tim Burke
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I am on my home right now from the North American/ US National Championships races that mark the end of the racing season. I had an incredible week of racing and captured two National titles as well as two North American titles. This was the perfect way for me to end the season! Although I have been on the podium for the last three years at US Nationals, I had not won a National Title in three years, so it felt great to be on top again. Ending the racing season on such a positive note like this is always an important thing, it definitely helps with motivation for next years training. In the past I have struggled with late season racing but this year it seemed my shape just kept getting better with every race. I think I was helped by coming home directly after World Championships and not attending the last World Cup race in Russia. This allowed me more time to train and I avoided a very hectic travel schedule that the other athletes had to deal with.

It feels great to have completed the season, I am now looking forward to a little down time before training picks back up in a few weeks. Over four months on the road all winter could wear on anyone, so its important for me to take my mind off training and racing, and rest up both mentally and physically. That's why I decided a short trip to Florida would be perfect right now! I will be flying to Sarasota with my mom and sister on the 11th and will be staying with my Uncle for a few days. I hope things work out and that I finally get a chance to meet you all in person. Please let me know if their is a time that would work out well for all of you.

I hope all is well and I will be seeing you soon. Once I get home I will be sure to send some pictures from the trip.

My Best,