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Summer Training for Winter
06/09/05  Tim Burke
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I am back up in Fort Kent, Maine right now at a training camp. Everything is going well and we have been training very hard. Spring seems to have left the Northeast, we finally have more sun than rain, which makes training more enjoyable.

For the past two weeks we have been on a pretty hard schedule of long training days. I have been training about four hours a day on average and even more at times. Most of the training at this time of year is still done at a relatively easy intensity but that will change next week. Next week we start to make the transition from "base" training to more intensity training. This will involve less overall training hours but harder workouts. When we train this much, I don't have much time for anything else. It seems that if I am not training I am either eating or sleeping.

It has been great to be back up here in Maine training where we will have Olympic Trials in just over seven months. I really am starting to feel that this is my home course and I hope to take that advantage into trials.

So far I am very happy with my fitness and I feel like the minor adjustments that I have made to my training from last year are helping. I also notice that every year I seem to be able to handle more training which should pay off come winter. I am also very pleased with how my body has been holding up with all of the training. Taking Syn-flex is definitely a part of my daily routine and I think that it plays a big part in keeping my hips happy and healthy. Thanks for the great product!

I hope all is well.

My Best,