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Pain Relief Drugs 101 what you need to know
Last review: 08/12/10  Mansi gupta
Ever given a piece of thought to how actually one feels that a part of his/her body is paining? Majority of the response to this question will be in the negative. And ironically it is one piece of information that a person should be aware of.

Whenever a part of our body is hurt, the pain makes that part ache but the actual sensation is felt in the brain. There are various kinds of receptors in our brain and each is attributed with a different type of sensation. The process can be explained as follows. Every time part of our body is damaged, the damaged tissue releases chemicals called prostaglandins making the pain more acute. These chemicals on coming in contact with the cells in the damaged tissue, with the help of enzyme called cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2), further release chemicals. Also, these prostaglandins react with the nerve endings to send signals to the brain where the sensation of the pain is felt.

One importance of pain that can be highlighted here is that they keep reminding a person of the hurt, so that till the time injury is healed they are more careful about it. Pain can also result without a direct injury being caused, for example arthritis.
Thankfully because of the advancements of the medicine, various types of medications are available to deal with different types of pains felt. A wide range of medicines start right from one as mild as Aspirin to something as strong as Narcotics, which should be only taken through a proper prescription of a medical practitioner and thus, it becomes necessary to take such medicines with highest degree of caution as every medicine has its own kind of side effects.

One of the most common pain relievers is Acetaminophen (popularly also known as paracetamol , and has established its 30 years of usage. It can also be used for curing fevers in children and adults apart from relieving pain.

As against acetaminophen, Narcotics are also used to cure pain but is adopted if no other medicine is able to effectively affect a patient, even though it is the greatest pain reliever than any medication prescribed. This is due to the numerous side effects that are associated with it, which includes chemical dependence. There are various types of Narcotics (OxyContin, Demerol, Hydrocodone) and have their own set of side effects. One of the most peculiar features of Hydrocodone is that it can even cause death.

There are various cautions that one should adopt while undergoing a pain relief medication, as many risks are associated with it. Primarily one should make the doctor aware of the medicines that are normally taken by the patient in the normal course for ordinary pains or any other thing as they can react with the pain relievers to cause side effects. Also, it should be told to the doctor if the patient is already associated with any disease apart from the on for which the doctor is consulted. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the pain relievers taken by the patient should not be stopped without consulting his doctor.

So now knowing this every one has a reason to take utmost precautions. God bless us all

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