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Storm Season and your Pet
Last review: 08/12/10  JR Rogers

Having lived through a massive hurricane last year that took a large part of my house, I am a little sensitive to this issue. Since we are in hurricane season and it doesn't end until November, I wanted to add a few points that I made before. (They are worth noting even if you do not live in a hurricane prone area as I do.)

If you think you can't cope….how about your pets?

There are all kinds of horrendous storms that can strike very quickly. It certainly is not limited to hurricanes. The most common problem is that people do not react quickly. They wait until the last minute to either try to outrun the storm or hunker down.

Preparing for Any Emergency Storm

As human beings, we are equipped to follow the guidelines that storm-conscious forecasters give us. Namely to have ample supplies of water, food, flashlights and anything else you might need to keep you going. It is a different story for our pets and especially those with arthritis.

Pets Sense when Trouble is Coming

Whether it is through some "sensory" perception or just the way we behave, pets know when bad weather is coming. Of course, pets become agitated and restless; they look to us for guidance and help.

Emergency Provisions

It is a good idea to put together an emergency package of supplies to help our pets get through these storms. I recommend keeping one ready in a large foam container that has smaller containers inside it. Now, that means food (and something to open the food with); water bottles; and of course, a supply of liquid glucosamine. Any other medications can be added to this package as well.

It takes just a little effort on your part to do this. (The same is true of putting together emergency supplies for yourself and for your family as well.) The problem is that people just do not take the time to prepare until we are faced with the reality that disaster is about to strike.

Pain Issues

Storms cause stress. Pets with arthritis are going to demonstrate even more pain during these kinds of events because they feel that stress. That is why it is a good idea to keep a little extra liquid glucosamine in these kits. (Of course, any other medications that may be needed as well should be included.) For those that do not want to add a full bottle, buy a secure plastic container to avoid leakage.

This should be the last item you place in the kit. I say that because you want fresh product on hand.


Some types of storms require you to just go to a secure area in your home or to a public shelter. That is an issue, so be prepared to locate those shelters that harbor pets during a storm.

If you are "on the run" in an automobile, I would also advise checking the internet for "pet friendly" hotels or motels. It can be a little discouraging to be fighting to find a place to stay when rooms are overbooked and there is no room at the Inn for your pet.

This is about safety and comfort. Just take this tip. It is better to plan in advance and be prepared to move plans into action before a storm strikes. I speak from experience on that front.