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A Nice Reminder
Last review: 08/12/10  JR Rogers
After all these years of writing about arthritis, it is refreshing to get a little reminder that some are listening. This time it came from a doctor.
How Easy it is to Forget
I am currently out of the country. This morning, I had a physical examination. You do these things sometimes just out of curiosity--although we do not all like to go to the doctor.

The Treadmill
If you have never been on one of these things, it is a different experience when there is a medical doctor hooked up through a machine viewing what your heart is doing. And, he had some things to say.

First of all, they use these devices to speed up your pace so they can monitor how your heart responds. Slowly, they back you down and watch for about four minutes as things go back to normal. Fortunately, I checked out just fine. However, it was two things the doctor said that got my attention.

How Much is Enough
As I entered the second speed stage on this treadmill, the doctor asked how I was doing. I told him that everything was fine. Of course, I could tell I was getting just a little winded. This was the point. I had only been on this thing about four or five minutes when he said, 'this is about all a person has to do to stay healthy.'

What that told me was that the things I have been saying for years were true. That it only takes a little exercise to keep that basic health issue moving in the right direction. He went on to explain that most people tend to think that you have to do a lot of work to stay in shape. It is not true. Just make sure you are doing a little bit every day.

Arthritis anyone?
He also asked if I had arthritis. I then explained what I do and we had quite a lengthy conversation. He shared that he had become a great believer in glucosamine after having had surgery on his knee. He had never heard of a liquid form. We discussed Syn-flex a bit more and let it go at that. Of course, he wants to try the liquid form.

The first question was what struck me, "Do you have arthritis?" My answer was that "most of us do and that indeed, I had secondary arthritis." He agreed with me that if people would just take these simple and safe steps of using a high quality glucosamine and getting some exercise it made a world of difference.

Since this happened in another country, it was refreshing to hear this doctor understand that there are safe and effective ways to control arthritis. It was equally refreshing to hear him confirm that just the smallest exercise effort also made a difference.

If only all of the doctors in the world would get on the same page as this doctor. It has taken a long time to get them over the notion that anything other than prescription medications are the answer.