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For Arthritis, It is Just a Walk in the Park
Last review: 08/12/10  JR Rogers

As you likely know, I have shared the three things that I feel give you the greatest success in dealing with osteoarthritis. First, that you use a high-quality liquid Glucosamine. Secondly, that you stay with a healthy diet regimen. Finally, that you exercise.

The Walk that Really Works

As a doctor recently told me, you do not need a great deal of exercise. The important thing is that you do it. Now, I have said before that walking is likely the easiest and of course, it is certainly not expensive.

Maximizing the Benefits of the Walk

Walking not only is good for arthritis sufferers, it also controls blood pressure and it is a great way to "exercise" your heart. What is interesting is that walking is considered to be a weight-bearing exercise. It assists with weight management and much more.

If you really want to get the greatest benefits out of walking, here is a little tip that I use. It is a great added benefit if you can handle it.

Tips on Techniques and More

As I have said before, start slowly. Maybe, fifteen minutes or so a day if that is all you can handle. Slowly, move that up to about thirty minutes a day. Now, this is where I have found a great added benefit and I want to share it with you. Before I do, let's talk about the "correct way" to walk.

Try to make sure that your heel is hitting the ground first with each step. Also, try to keep your elbows bent at about 90 degrees and keep a pace that is not too fast. Some say that you should walk at a speed at which you can do it and still carry on a conversation. I think that is sound advice.

Keep your head up and level with your body stance so that your shoulders are about even with your hips. This is going to keep your body evenly balanced and getting the most out of your walking experience.

Add a Little Weight

This small tip can be invaluable. I learned about this after talking to a Korean friend of mine.

Those little "dumbbells" you see in the sports stores (and, sold in major chain stores) can add a whole new dimension to walking. They are sold in small sizes and are a great investment in a walking regimen. (I have seen them in two, three, five, and seven-pound sizes.)

Once you are comfortable with your walking, add the smallest of these weights to your daily stroll. Of course, add one to each hand. Do not move up too fast. Make sure you are measuring how you feel with the lower levels.

If you find that this is working without causing any pain in either your elbows or shoulders, move up the weight range. I have a friend who uses seven-pounds in each hand daily. In fact, he does this for one hour every day. This man is 65 years old and he is in incredible shape. This is his exercise routine. This is the only exercise regimen he follows.

This is a wonderful addition to the general walking regimen if you do not experience any pain issues. It is especially good for those with arthritis.