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Synflex heading to the Olympics
Last review: 08/12/10  JR Rogers

I am in Boston this morning waiting to catch a flight to Germany in a few hours. The last few days have been an emotional whirlwind and I am looking forward for a little time to unwind.

On Tuesday, I was officially named to the Olympic Team as the number one qualifier. It was an amazing feeling to reach a goal that I have been working towards since I was a little kid. I thought so much over the last five years about getting here that I never thought about how it would feel once I made the team. The emotions are like nothing I have ever experienced; I have made World Championship teams and won National titles, but nothing can compare with the feeling of becoming an Olympian.

I wanted to thank all of you at Syn-flex for supporting me over the last few years . When I first joined the Syn-flex team, I just returned from what might have been a career ending injury. No one in the ski world was overly anxious to support me because they were unsure of my future in the sport.

It is hard for to explain how much it meant to me that you guys believed in me. Please know that you all played a significant role in helping me get where I am today.

I am off to catch a flight now, but I will be sure to send in updates from the road. My first race is on the World Cup in one week, so it's back to work for me.

Thanks again for all of your help.

My Best,