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Turin 2006 Winter Olympics: Tim Burke Olympian Biathlete
02/07/06  Tim Burke
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Tue, 07 Feb 2006

Tim Burke Wrote:

I arrived in Turino two days ago and am settling in to the athlete's
village. Our trip to Turino was a very long process with a full day of
driving and then team processing. Team processing is where US Olympic
Committee members brief you on everything from the athlete's village to
security. After the briefing, you go through uniforming where you
basically walk around a small building with a shopping cart picking up
all the opening ceremonies gear and other team clothing.

We are staying in one of the three athletes villages for the games.
Our team is located about an hours drive outside of Turino up in the
mountains near our venue. The athlete's village is really nice and we
have access to basically everything you could possibly need. I thought
I had seen a lot traveling on the World Cup for the past few years, but
the Olympic village is definitely like nothing that I have been a part

I am feeling very good and can't wait for my first race on Saturday.
Our training camp in Northern Italy went very well and I feel that I am
on my way to a "peak". Although this can be kind of hard to tell until
you actually race. My only disappointing news is that I won't be able
to participate in opening ceremonies. I have a race the next day and
if I were to go to opening ceremonies, I would not get back to my room
until after 2am. I am definitely disappointed that I will miss opening
ceremonies but I hope a good nights sleep will leave me better prepared
for the race on Saturday.

I will do my best to keep you all updated on how things are going
throughout the games although they keep me very busy here most of the time.
I hope all is well and thanks for all of your support!

My Best,