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New Clinical Studies Confirm It
Last review: 08/12/10  J.R. Rogers
New Clinical Studies Confirm It

We have been telling our readers for years about the power of products like Syn-flex®. The recently completed GAIT studies have confirmed it. That is certainly more good news for those of you who suffer from Osteoarthritis.


The long-anticipated results are now out and this important study confirms that when used in combination, Glucosamine and Chondroitin outperformed other pain relievers for arthritis sufferers.

The study involved 1,583 participants at 16 U.S. rheumatology centers working under the guidance of the National Institutes of Health. (NIH) Each of them had OA of the knee.


Most of you suffer from “moderate to severe” arthritis pain. This study made it clear that in that category of OA patients, these supplements provided significant pain relief to 79.2% of those studied. In fact, they were more effective than Celebrex®. That speaks volumes about the power of products like Syn-flex®.

*In fact, a close look at these studies showed that Glucosamine and/or

Chondroitin beat out Celebrex® in 12 of 14 outcomes reported. That is

very telling.

Safety and Results

In 2005, both Vioxx® and Bextra® were withdrawn from the market. Prescription medications like Celebrex® remain under very close scrutiny. As well, federal regulators also began cautioning against the use of very common over-the-counter pain remedies.

There are sound reasons for that. The adverse consequences of using those products are well documented and it should be of concern to all of you.

You want pain relief. You want to get it without side effects. There is the issue of rehabilitation of cartilage that has broken down and continues to deteriorate. That is, it does if you do not use a high-quality Glucosamine/Chondroitin formula. Plus, the GAIT study also confirmed that both ingredients together outperformed either standing alone.

A Thirty-Year Plus History of Success

The GAIT study is just one of over 30 worldwide studies of the effectiveness of Glucosamine and/or Chondroitin. Glucosamine is considered a prescription medication or over-the-counter drug in 56 countries. Chondroitin is treated in a like manner in 22 countries. In many of these countries, they are reimbursed or subsidized by insurers. In fact, in the European Union provides a highest level of recommendation for OA sufferers. Those recommendations are made over and above any recommendation for drugs like Celebrex®.

The United States Could Learn from These Lessons

It is unfortunate that the United States has not come to the same level of acceptance as the EU. At some point in time, it may happen. In the meantime, just be aware that what we have had to say over the years has again been confirmed. This comes from another highly-respected medical authority.

See you next time.