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Tim Burke is currently in Lake Placid resting up before he leaves for Sweden
08/31/06  Tim Burke
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I just finished up our first official National Team training camp of
the year. This was also our first camp with our two new national
team coaches. This camp was very important to me because it was my
first chance to work with our new coaches and it was also a good
opportunity to see where I stacked up with the other guys.

Working with a new coach is always a little tough at first but I
could not have been happier about how things turned out. Both
coaches are from Sweden and have been coaching there for the past 8
years or so. One of the coaches, Michael, is a two time Olympic
medalists and former overall World Cup winner. I have seen in the
past that great athletes don't always make good coaches but this is
definitely not the case with Michael. Michael and Per (the other
coach) form an incredible coaching team and I could not believe how
much I learned in just two weeks. They work us very hard but their
system is proven and they have coached many great athletes in the
past. All in all, I was thrilled with how things went and I really
think these guys can take me to the next level.

I am also very pleased with my shape for this time of year. I was
able to win both of our time trials at the camp but of course I
realize that it is still summer and the season is still a ways away.

I will be here in Lake Placid for the next few weeks and then I take
off for Sweden in August for our second training camp. My coaches
left me with a very challenging training program so it's almost like
having homework and I'm sure they are going to test me at the next camp.

I have really been pushing the limits with training and my body has
been holding up incredibly. My hip never slows me down and I know
that is largely due to Syn-flex. Thanks for such a great product
and all of you support!

My Best,