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Tim Burke in Park City, Utah - dry-land training camp of the year.
11/02/06  Tim Burke
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I am currently in Park City, Utah at our last dry-land training camp of the year. Utah's high altitude and sunny weather make it the perfect

place for us to train prior to the start of the racing season. So far the camp has been going really well and I feel prepared for the start of the

racing season, which is only about a month away. I was reminded of just how close winter is when I woke this morning to see the mountains covered in

snow! So far it has only snowed up in the mountains but if the temperatures drop any more, I might get a chance to ski before heading home.
After spending the first five days doing easy training, to acclimatize to the high altitude, we have really started to push the limits. Four to five hours of physical training a day has been quite normal at this camp. At a camp like this, it seems that if I am not training I am either eating or

sleeping. One of the benefits of training in Utah in October is that I spent last October here as well. Because of that, I have been able to complete some of the same workouts as last year and compare my times to gauge my progress. I knew that I was in slightly better shape this October but I was really surprised to see some of my times drop so drastically.

These workouts have given me a huge confidence boost heading into the season because I know that I am better off than last year. This also proves to me that my new coaches have me on a training plan that is really working for me.
I will be out here for another week and then I head back to Lake Placid for a short break before heading to Sweden in the beginning of November.
in Sweden I will have a few weeks to adjust back to actual snow skiing before the World Cup starts at the end of November in Ostersund, Sweden.
Once again, I have been thrilled with how my body is handling our rigorous training schedule. Not once have I had to cut a workout short because of an aching joint and I know Syn-flex has played a large role in that.
for such a great product!

My Best,