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Eight Tips to Control Arthritic Pain
  1. Make Sure You Really Have Osteoarthritis
  2. Searching For Just Pain Relief? You Shouldn't
  3. Keeping Your Weight in Balance is Key To Taking Control of Your Osteoarthritis!
  4. The Arthritis Fighting Diet
  5. Fighting Arthritis Through Proper Exercise!
  6. The Treatments: NSAIDs, Cox-II Inhibitors, Surgery, & Glucosamine
  7. How to Evaluate a Glucosamine Product
  8. 12 Ingredients that Will Ease Your Arthritis Pain

Tip 3: Keeping Your Weight in Balance is Key To Taking Control of Your Osteoarthritis!
If you remember from yesterday's tip, the first step in managing your arthritis is getting your diet in order. Before I talk about the specific foods you should and should not be eating, I will first talk about being overweight and how it affects your arthritis.

This is a difficult subject to approach but one that is key to understanding one of the best ways to slow the onset of your osteoarthritis.

If your osteoarthritis is affecting your load-bearing joints, keeping your weight within normal ranges is important. Load-bearing joints of course refers to any portion of your body that would be affected by excessive weight. Hips, knees, feet and spine are all load-bearing joints.

Excessive weight is a tough issue for some. There are those of us who have always been a little overweight and have never been able to lose it. Don't give up on doing exactly that. It becomes a much more important issue when osteoarthritis is affecting your ability to function without excessive pain on a day-to-day basis. I am suggesting that if you are not already doing so, you make efforts to watch your diet. Try your best to engage in exercises that will assist you in losing weight such as walking. Believe me, it is well worth the time spent.

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